How Our Equipment Management System Works

Easily Track Equipment With Invisi-Tag’s Equipment Tracking System

Equipment Tracking Made Simple & Accurate

Invisi-Tag is your business’ equipment tracking system for fast, multi-tag inventory. This allows you to scan multiple pieces of inventory and detect up to 200 assets with a single trigger pull. Our equipment tracking system uses digital (RFID) technology and cloud-based storage and a simple-to-use app so you can manage your company’s assets and equipment in a matter of minutes and from anywhere you are. Every time you scan a tag, the Invisi-Tag system will log the asset's location with a GPS Location Pinpoint utilizing Google Maps from any browser. Invisi-tag eliminates human errors and inconsistent paperwork, and decreases your equipment loss — all at the same time!

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Invisi-Tag inventory scanner

Step 1 Scan Your Equipment

Simply apply RFID tags to your equipment and other assets and use the RFID scanner to instantly scan multiple items at one time to take inventory. You can also track equipment from one warehouse to another or to the job site and back.

  • Scan multiple assets at once

  • Track equipment transfer or in the field

  • Scan equipment from up to 30 feet

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Invisi-Tag inventory app

Step 2 View On-the-Spot Mobile Reports

Every piece of equipment you scan is automatically synced to the cloud and is immediately available on your mobile device. You no longer need to keep paper records and it eliminates human error and “shrinkage” of inventory.

  • Scan sync to the cloud

  • View reports on mobile devices

  • Eliminates paperwork, error, & lost items

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View inventory on your laptop in the cloud

Step 3 View Your Entire Operations In the Cloud

You can view and manage all your scanned equipment from your very own enterprise site. Here, you can easily reference and edit reports, heightening inventory awareness and eliminating lost equipment in the field. Your enterprise website organizes location, job, and scan data for easy report generation.

  • Manage equipment from your own enterprise website

  • Organizes location, job, and scan data

  • All data is synced to the enterprise site for easy referencing & editing

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Locate your equipment with Invisi-Tag

Step 4 Locate Your Equipment

Lost or misplaced equipment is a problem of the past. Using the Google dot location stamp function, you are able to easily track each asset’s location with exact pin locations. This also allows for a streamlined workflow for equipment movement. There is also a signature feature for rented equipment.

  • Track equipment with Google dot location stamps

  • Provides exact pin locations for each asset

  • Streamlines workflow for equipment movement

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Instantly Scan Multiple Assets

Scan multiple assets at up to 30 feet away

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Easily Track Asset Location

Each asset has exact pin locations

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Eliminates Error & Lost Assets

No longer worry about paperwork or human error

Backed By Responsive Customer Support & 1-On-1 Training

Invisi-Tag provides unmatched customer support and training so you can make the most of our equipment tracking system. Our customer service representatives are extremely responsive and are here to support you through hands-on, 1-on-1 training as well as a “do it for you” approach. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a customer service rep today!


Invisi-Tag’s Helpful Features

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Smart Device Barcode Scanning

Barcode-enabled users can scan & transfer assets in the field using only their smart device

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Custom Fields

Custom fields exist for each asset so you can edit the name, asset type, asset value, and notes for each asset

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Data Syncing

All data syncs to your enterprise website cloud storage, which allows for easy reference and editing

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Add/Edit/Delete Assets

From the enterprise website, you can add, edit, or even delete assets in just a few clicks

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No Internet Required

The Invisi-Tag app can run independently of internet connection and works on most any smart device

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API Available

Available API allows for integration into other software like PSA, Job-Dox, or your app/CRM

Revolutionize the Way Your Business Tracks Equipment & Contact Us Today!

The Invisi-Tag equipment tracking system will transform the way your business tracks and manages assets by reducing errors and lost equipment while optimizing efficiency for increased productivity. We’re here to help your company save time and become more profitable, backing that promise with comprehensive customer support and training. Get started with Invisi-Tag and contact us today!