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Non-Metal RFID Tag "Most Popular"

The Non-Metal RFID Tag works ONLY on NON-Metal surfaces. This durable tag can be attached to non-metal surfaces. Use on plastic, wood, fiberglass carbon fiber surfaces. Enhance and protect the tag by wrapping it with non-metal weatherproof tape or silicon tape to withstand harsh weather or environment.

Surface Mount: Non-Metal surfaces: Plastic, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber

Ideal use: All equipment that does not have a metal surface.

Read Range : up to 30 feet


Metal Label RFID Tag

The Metal Label RFID Tag works on ONLY Metal surfaces. This durable tag attaches with adhesive on surfaces. Wrap with weatherproof silicon tape further protect the tag.

Surface Mount: Metal surfaces. Steel, Stainless Steel , Iron, Aluminum

Ideal use: All equipment with a metal surface.

Read Range: up to 15 feet for continuously responding reads. Tags read intermittently for longer up to 20 feet. Aluminum limit distance of up to 8 feet


All Purpose Metal and Non-Metal surface mount tag

The All Purpose RFID Tag com the ability to work on BOTH Metal & NON-Metal surfaces. This durable ABS-enclosed tag can easily bolt onto any surface and withstand any environment.

Surface Mount: Metal or Non-Metal surfaces

Ideal use: Large equipment that require a durable asset tag

Expected Read Range: Metal up to 10 feet, Non-Metal surfaces up to 18 feet

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