What Is RFID Technology?

What Is RFID Technology and How Does It Work?

In today's society, we are always trying to advance in productivity and efficiency. RFID (radio frequency identification) has taken a major step in advancing solutions for equipment tracking, toll booth management, asset tracking, etc. RFID technology works in a very simple yet effective way. An RFID system is usually composed of three devices: transmitter, tags, and antenna.

These three devices used together in an RFID system are especially effective at tracking equipment and other assets because it speeds up inventory tracking, eliminates human error, and reports 100% accurate information.


Invisi-Tag inventory scanner

RFID Reader and RFID Tags

The transmitter — or RFID reader — is an external device that is designed to output radio waves. This device sends out radio waves at different frequencies. These frequencies determine what type of range the reader would detect RFID tags. The RFID scanner sends enough radio waves to start the RFID tag’s circuit. The activated tag then transmits the signal with an ASCII/Binary/EPC or other formats of a unique number. This unique serial number is related in a database to represent a product or information

RFID tags are the receiver component of the system, which receives the radio waves. The RFID tag is a crucial component of this system. There are two types of tags — active tags and passive.

  • Active Tags
  • An active tag has its own power source. The advantage of this particular tag is that it allows the reader to receive the signal even if it is far away. A disadvantage is that it has a limited life span.
  • Passive Tags
  • Passive tags do not require a battery or any other external power supply. The advantage of using a passive tag is that the lifespan for this particular tag is almost infinite. The tag is composed of a microchip and a uniquely designed antenna. The tag requires radio waves from the RFID reader to start up the circuit.

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Non-Metal Tag


All-Purpose Tag

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Metal Label Tag

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  • Low Frequencies
  • The low-frequency reader/tags work within less than 500 kHz and up to 8.2 MHz.
  • This has a read range of 1 inch up to 1 foot.

  • High Frequencies
  • The high-frequency reader/tags work from 13.55 MHz to approximately 500 MHz.
  • This has a read range of 3 feet.

  • Ultra-High Frequencies
  • The ultra-high frequency reader/tags work from 900 to 928 MHz up to 2.5 GHz.
  • This has a read range of 15 to 40 feet.

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Equipment Tracking System From Invisi-Tag

Established in 2010, Invisi-Tag focused on solving the issue of equipment tracking for businesses that rely on equipment and other assets in their operations. RFID technology allowed us to create a unique equipment tracking system that combines the powerful ability of the RFID system with the mobility of smartphones and tablet capabilities to give users all necessary information at their fingertips. Invisi-Tag’s RFID system will eliminate human error, inconsistent paperwork, and provide 100% accurate information for your business.


Stop Losing Valuable Equipment

Using RFID tags and an RFID reader allows you to track each piece of equipment or asset while eliminating human error while storing this info on the cloud.


The Ideal Solution For Businesses

An RFID system is ideal for businesses. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use, but also provides a host of other benefits.


Save Time & Money

Using an RFID system is easy and reduces the time it takes to complete inventory from hours and even days down to mere seconds or minutes. That means labor time is used actually doing billable work.


Manage Consumable Assets

Businesses that rely on consumable assets like cleaning solutions can use the Invisi-Tag solution to automatically get alerted when supplies are running low and that you need to order more.


Manage Multiple Locations At Once

Invisi-Tag’s RFID system enables you to easily track entire trucks or warehouses thanks to our location feature. These locations are also stored on the cloud.


Store All Information On The Cloud

All the valuable information acquired from the Invisi-Tag RFID system is automatically synched to the cloud. You can access this information from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

No Longer Lose Valuable Assets With A RFID System

While every business and employee do their best not to lose equipment, it does inevitably happen, especially during busy seasons. Invisi-Tag eliminates lost or misplaced equipment thanks to RFID technology and our equipment tracking system. Accurately take inventory by tagging and scanning each piece of equipment, truck, or trailer. A quick pass with the Invisi-Tag RFID scanner detects each piece of equipment in seconds and you don’t even need line-of-sight for the scanner to work. Plus, all that information is automatically stored in the cloud, which you can access on your own enterprise account.

Equipment Tracking: Why Choose RFID Technology

Other Tracking Systems

  • Direct, up close, line-of-site required, and item-by-item scanning

  • Read range is limited to several inches or several feet

  • Identify types of items, but not uniquely, so sequential tags are often needed

  • Obstructed barcodes can’t be read (including torn or dirty codes)

  • Rely on optical lasers to scan and read inventory

Invisi-Tag RFID System

  • No direct line-of-sight required to scan equipment and other assets

  • Automatically collects data and reduces human effort and error

  • Can read multiple tags simultaneously for increased efficiency

  • Assets can be cross-referenced against assigned locations and recorded as present, missing, or relocated

  • Tags within range are detected instantly and matched to the database

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Invisi-Tag Is A Unique RFID Tracking System Solution For Businesses

Invisi-Tag is the most powerful RFID tracking system on the market, specifically designed with business owners like you in mind in order to increase your company’s productivity and help it grow.

Our unique equipment tracking system uses the most-advanced RFID technology available and we constantly search for ways to improve our system to provide more value to our customers. Combining RFID technology with mobile smartphone and tablet capabilities means all the relevant information you need is at your fingertips at all times.

We guarantee to bring value, growth, and innovation to your business.

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RFID stands for radio frequency identification. An RFID system is usually composed of three devices: transmitter, tags, and antenna.

Barcode is slowly starting to become obsolete. Barcodes require the user to scan one item at a time. The downside of using barcodes is that any bit of damage can render the label useless. The labels can be smeared, faded, torn, or even destroyed and it is no longer functional. RFID is actually 10 times better than a barcode. RFID tags can withstand rugged environments, ensuring they will always be detected. Even if an RFID label is smeared, faded, or torn, the tag will be detected. Also, RFID does not require scanning one item at a time. Multiple tags can be detected all at once. Our system can detect between 80 – 120 tags in a matter of seconds. Lastly, the lifetime on an RFID tag, since being passive, is virtually infinite.

There is a wide variety of applications that RFID is used for. The most common applications of RFID are:

  • Mobil Speedpass (Gas Station)
  • Access Control
  • Retail and Apparel
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chains

Invisi-Tag primarily focuses on mobile asset tracking, from equipment assets to fixed assets in a warehouse or office.

There is no minimum or typical read range with RFID tags because the read range depends on if the tag itself is active or passive. Active tags are battery-powered, so they typically can be detected from longer ranges up to 300 feet or even more. The read range for passive tags depends on the frequency of the operation, the output power of the reader, and the interference from the environment in which it is working.

We at Invisi-Tag have integrated the best combination of RFID tags and readers for our system. Our In-Vehicle System will allow items within an enclosed trailer to be detected up to 20-30 feet. Our Portable System, which allows the user to walk around detecting items in their warehouse or office, will detect items up to 10 feet.

RFID technology has benefits in many areas, from tracking work in progress to speeding up processes in a warehouse. Invisi-Tag Systems will also improve productivity in your mobile department. It will keep track of your assets/equipment while they are being loaded and unloaded off of vehicles/trucks, making sure that every item is accounted for. As the technology becomes standardized, it will be used in more and more applications.

The focus will be to:

  • Reduce administrative error
  • Reduce labor costs associated with scanning bar codes
  • Reduce labor costs in time wasted on double/triple checking for items
  • Decrease internal theft
  • Limit employee errors
  • Increase overall inventory levels
  • Increase accountability for equipment
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profits
  • System gives 100% accurate information, every time

Invisi-Tag's RFID system consists of a Reader (transmitter), Antennas, a Tag (transponder), and Mobile Device (Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.) The tag consists of a microchip and an antenna. The system performs as follows: the reader sends out radio waves to the tag. The tag is designed to absorb the radio waves, start up the chip, and send its own signal back with its own unique code. Then the software on the mobile device intercepts the unique code. Once retrieved, the unique code can be used to represent a tool, equipment, office furniture, assets, etc. Now you are able to use the system to detect any item and easily view it on your mobile device.

Industries Using Invisi Tag