Coming Soon In 2022

Coming Soon In 2022

Find a unique solution to inventory management and equipment tracking with Invisi-Tag. Utilizing the convenience of mobile technology, our software is compatible with smartphones and tablets. By giving you the necessary information, right at your fingertips, you can eliminate the concern for human error. With accurate reports and consistency, Invisi-Tag can help increase your business’s productivity. Continue reading to learn more about what’s coming in 2022!

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New Enterprise Website

Giving you innovative solutions to inventory management, 2022 is bringing a new enterprise website. With Invisi-Tag, you get features that allow the user the capability to create or customize their report writing. Attain the ability to customize your columns, name your view, or list sorting options. Invisi-Tag strives to continuously provide you with curated content to make your processing and tracking easier.

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Connectivity to Sigilo

Add efficiency to your equipment tracking and inventory management with connectivity to Sigilo. At Invisi-Tag, we have developed a connection with Sigilo Fleet Management, which is an app that provides improved communication and productivity. A favored feature is the maintenance schedule along with vehicle and GPS tracking.

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Updated App Interface

Designed for the everyday user, Invisi-Tag has streamlined an updated app interface. Coming in 2022, a user-friendly app interface will launch, bringing you the ability to drastically increase your productivity and equipment tracking. It’s a great way to onboard your users in less than 20 seconds!


Enhanced Support Plans

Continue to grow your business and build your value with Invisi-Tag. Coming in 2022, enhanced support plans will be put in place. Offering monthly and call-in support, you can get the help and direction you need in all aspects. Take care of inventory management and equipment tracking in a new and effective way.

With modern and advanced technology, you can grow your business to groundbreaking levels. Invisi-Tag offers the software and support you need for a successful business. Contact us today to learn more about what’s coming in 2022 for Invisi-Tag!