This system has already paid for itself!

“We have in our fleet at Wilson Drying Center around 4,000 pieces of equipment, from air movers and dehus [Dehumidifiers] to large kW [kilowatt] generators. We have looked for years for a cloud-based solution for tracking our equipment and keeping up with inventory.

"We met Aminur, with Invisi-Tag, at SERVPRO's National Convention in Chicago last year, and based on the info he gave us, we purchased the Invisi-tag system. It took us several months to tag all of our inventory and get it set up to use. Right after Christmas we received calls in Missouri for flooding, so we deployed two equipment teams to rent equipment to responding Franchises. This was the first event we have been able to really test the system and to see how well it works.

"The system worked so much better than we could have imagined. I had a large commercial (30,000 sq. ft.) job south of Springfield, Missouri, that the local Franchise signed up and needed equipment for. I delivered 202 AM [air movers] to the jobsite, and it only took a few seconds to scan the inventory being left at the job, giving myself and the renting Franchise a complete list of what was being left at the job in real time.

"When I returned to pick up the equipment, the Franchise had staged the equipment outside for me to pick up. When I scanned the staged equipment they were missing, 1 AM [air mover], I told them and they scoured the 30,000 sq. ft. facility looking for the piece. They could not find it, so I took my phone and the scanner and started walking down the hallways scanning the rooms as I went. Within 5 minutes I had found the piece of equipment, which was off and hidden behind a desk out of sight. In my opinion this system has already paid for itself in being able to find that piece of equipment.”


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