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Equipment Tracking System

For Busy Landscape Contractors, Tool Tracking Was Never so Easy

A year-round, full-service business can be a hectic place. The list of services offered to the largely commercial clientele of Troy Clogg is as diverse as it gets: landscape maintenance, landscape construction, irrigation services, fertilization, mowing, pruning and snow removal.

The firm employs about 25-30 year-round employees to keep the company's job performance running smoothly. In such a tightly managed schedule, any interruption can set the company back in both time and on-site productivity.

When Dave Rousselo and the crew at Troy Clogg Landscape Associates were first introduced to Invisi-Tag, they were amazed at the power of the program.

Invisi-Tag uses RFID tags to quickly and efficiently track equipment. The technology uses radio waves to seek tagged equipment. Once located, a signal is sent back from the tagged equipment. While similar in concept to bar coding, Invisi-Tag is less time-consuming to set up and doesn't include labels that often become smeared or destroyed over time. Rather, a tag is inserted inside a handle or piece of the equipment that doesn't interfere with the laborer.

"We were familiar with Aminur (Rahman, senior engineer) and his work (at Invisi-Tag) so when he came to us with a demo unit, we were very interested, " said Rousselo, crew leader/manager at Troy Clogg. "We've had quite a few things stolen out of trailers and tools left behind on jobs. A tracking system is perfect for the landscape business."

The Invis-Tag system easily tags equipment by truck, job and crew. Equipment – big and small – can be tagged, coded and recorded which makes for quick and easy tracking. (See how it works.)

"Our landscaping division plans to tag everything," Rousselo said. "For a full trailer, that's an invaluable service. Each trailer is loaded and unloaded multiple times daily. It's a huge production benefit and time savings knowing where the equipment is on the trailer and if it's been picked up from each site.

From a maintenance perspective, Rousselo said, it's just as important for him to be able to open his trailer and see all of the equipment ready to go when the crews head out at 7 a.m. "Our lawn trailers are all ready to go every day. The guys sharpen the blades, gas up and park them for the night. The next day, we arrive and go right to work."

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