Cannot charge and reader is not working at all. Would also like to know how much to replace if needed

Here are a couple of quick troubleshooting steps you can try on your own:

Remove and replace the battery. Hold the scanner by the handle and locate the yellow tab just above your thumb. Push the tab upwards and slide the handle back and off. Remove the rectangular battery pack from under the unit where the handle was located. (Ensure you align the gold contacts when replacing the battery.)

Observe the LED lights. Plug the scanner back in and watch the yellow LED on the side. After about 10-20 seconds, the orange light should begin to blink rapidly and then transition to a pattern of one blink (0-33%), two blinks (34-66%), or three blinks (67-100%). If the orange LED remains in rapid blinking mode, there's a battery issue.

Check the USB charging port. If you plug in the device and nothing happens, the USB charging port might be damaged, and you may need a new handle.

Test the trigger. If pulling the trigger causes a beep or vibration but doesn't scan, following the troubleshooting steps should resolve the issue unless there's an antenna problem.

Here are your options for resolving the issue:

Send the unit for repair. We can inspect the unit for a diagnostic fee of $80.

Order a replacement part. If you've identified the faulty component, let us know the part you need, and we'll provide a quote.

Purchase a new scanner. The cost of a new scanner is $1575.00.