How does the Invisi-Tag RFID System Work?

1. The Invisi-Tag RFID System is composed of four main components: a Reader (transmitter), Antennas, a Tag (transponder), and a Mobile Device.

2. The tag is made up of a microchip and an antenna, which is designed to absorb radio waves.

3. The portable scanner sends out radio waves to the tag.

4. As a result, the tag will absorb the radio waves, causing it to start up and send an identification signal back to the scanner.

5. The unique code that is sent by the tag is intercepted by the software on the mobile device.

6. Once the system retrieves the unique code, it is used to represent a tool, equipment, office furniture, assets, etc.

7. Finally, with this system, you can easily use your mobile device to detect any item and view its location on your phone.