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RFID Reader Questions

Inconsistent Scanning Issues?

Most issues with inconsistent scanning, are the result of the tags being placed on improper surfaces.

We have two different types of tags based on the types of surfaces that you may encounter.

Metal label tags are white labels that can only be placed on metal surfaces to work properly.

The larger nonmetal tags are placed on everything else that is not a metal such as plastics and wood surfaces.

Here are tag placement suggestions:

How do I connect the handheld RFID reader to my smart device?

Open your app and navigate to a scan screen (Take Inventory or Move equipment).

Choose your scan type –

  • iOS – tap scanner icon and pull the trigger on your scanner to connect
  • Android – choose reader type from the dropdown menu or pair a new reader in the dropdown menu

Why won’t my reader turn on?

Check to make sure your scanner is charged.

Make sure the scanner handle is in place and not loose.

Why can’t I read my tags' QR codes with my RFID reader?

QR codes are read using the camera in your smart device. The reader detects RFID tags only.

If I pull the trigger more than once will the reader scan a tag twice?

No, you can pull the trigger as many times as you want in any single scan. The reader will only detect each tag once per scan.

Tag Questions

How do I assign a tag to my Invisi-Tag system?

There are 3 ways to assign equipment to tags in Invisi-Tag:

  1. Open the app, Tap ‘setup’ (enter setup code), Tap ‘tag assignment’, scan the tags that you want to assign, tap the RFID number on the screen and enter the equipment information.
  2. Login to your enterprise web account, click tag list, click add tag, input equipment information.
  3. Login to your enterprise web account, click the ‘upload tags’ tab. Download the tag upload template, fill out the .CSV file following the tag format guidelines. Upload the .CSV file to the system.

Why won’t my QR codes scan?

Make sure you are enabled as a barcode user in the system

Make sure tags have a QR code associated with the RFID tag in the system

Make sure you have chosen barcode scanning as your reader type (Andriod)

Can I delete tags from the app?

You cannot delete tags at the app level. This is to protect your assets. You can delete tags from your Enterprise Cloud Account. Login to, click "tag list", search for the tag you want to delete, click the red "x" to the far right of the row for the tag you are deleting, and confirm.

App Questions

Why can’t I log in to my app?

Check to make sure you have the main account holder’s email and password.

Check be sure that the main account holder didn’t change the password on the account.

Make sure you have been paying your monthly cloud account bill.

How do I assign tags using the Invisi-Tag app?

  1. Enter the setup menu (you will need the setup password)
  2. Tap 'Tag assignment'
  3. Scan the tags you want to assign
  4. Tap the RFID number matching the tag you are assigning
  5. Enter the equipment information into the fields provided.
  6. Tap 'done' then move to the next tag

How do I scan QR codes with my smart device?

You will need to be enabled as a barcode user in the enterprise system and logged into the app using your employee ID by going to the info screen and checking that the active user is the correct barcode-enabled user.

Navigate to a scan screen and choose your scan type

  • iOS: tap the barcode icon
  • Android: select reader dropdown and choose Barcode as your reader type

The camera should open and you hover your camera over the QR code

You can scan one tag then go to the next until you have completed you scan then tap 'done'

How do I create a new location in the app?

Tap: Jobs, Move Equipment, Add a New Location, Name the location, choose the location type, then tap done.

What does 'Tag Not Assigned' mean?

This means the tag has not been assigned to the Invisi-Tag account. You must assign the tag to equipment before you can scan it to a location.

What does 'Tags not in job' mean?

You have detected a tag that belongs to a different inventory list.

Enterprise Questions

Under "Fixed Reports", what is "extra equipment"?

When you review a fixed report or an inventory report, an extra item is a tag that isn't assigned to the location you are scanning. I.e. If Truck 1 is supposed to have 10 items in it and you scan 11 items, that 11th item will show up with a yellow exclamation point next to it and also indicate which location that item belongs to.

How do I create a new employee?

  1. Click the 'Employees' tab
  2. Click 'Add employee'
  3. Enter the employee’s name and employee ID (you create the ID)
  4. Click 'Add Employee' button

How do I enable the barcode user function for an employee?

  1. Click the 'Employees' tab
  2. From the table of employees, find the column labeled 'barcode'

  3. Click the red 'x' in the row for the employees that you want to enable.

How do I assign new tags in the enterprise website?

  1. Click the 'Tag List' tab
  2. Click the green 'Add Tags' button
  3. Follow the tag formatting instructions found in the Upload Tags page and fill out the 'Add Tag' form.

How do I Create a new location in the enterprise website?

  1. Click the 'Location' tab
  2. Click 'Add location'
  3. Fill out the 'Add Location' form, choose the location type then click 'Add'

How do I find out where a piece of equipment is using the enterprise website?

  1. Click the 'reports' tab, then click 'location status report'
  2. Use the search bar to search for your equipment by name, RFID number, or equipment type.

How do I find a specific Inventory scan?

  1. Click the 'reports' tab, then select 'inventory reports'
  2. In the search box search for your scan by date, scanned by name, or location.

Billing Questions

Where Can I See My Current Monthly Fee Calculation?

Log in to your Enterprise account. On the tab bar, there is a settings gear icon. Click that icon to see your current bill.


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